Why study abroad? Stories from international students

There are lots of reasons why studying abroad might be for you.

You might find a degree course that isn’t available in your home country; you might learn to live independently; or you might network with amazing people and learn about other cultures. Whatever your reason for considering the experience, there are so many more positives. And if you don’t believe us, just look at what real students had to say about studying abroad.

The American university experience is unlike any other in the world and certainly very distinct from my home country, India. I was particularly drawn to the academic possibilities. As an undergraduate, you can study a range of subjects, and most universities don’t require you to declare your major until your junior year, giving you time to explore a variety of academic paths and see what interests you.

Some universities, including my own, require undergraduates to take a core curriculum of classes, developing the basics. Your course can be customisable, allowing you to choose multiple majors and minors, change things as you go along, and take electives that are unrelated to your main areas of study.

I really benefited from this diverse way of learning. I entered university committed to studying politics, but my discovery of college-level English literature classes was transformative and reoriented my interests in a way that could never have happened without the freedom that the US system encourages and celebrates.
– Aditya Sharma, political science and English graduate, Columbia University.

Moving to Dublin for my university education in 2020 came with so much excitement and a little bit of nerves. Nevertheless, I stayed optimistic about starting something that was once a dream – studying medicine.

Studying abroad meant learning to live independently, which has allowed me to grow as an individual, overcome everyday challenges and build life skills such as managing my finances.

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